The brief

To commemorate the milestone of the Cuban - American relationship, a special edition Cuban Cigar is to be launched at the Calle Ocho festival in Miami, Florida. The brief was to brand the cigar as well as create collateral material to promote the event.

The process

Target Audience: Man is a determined creature. No matter the circumstance, opposition or elements, there is an inherent calling to seek, push, improve and transcend. We created three personas to clearly understand our consumers and their needs - The Young Turk, The Power Couple and The Legend.

Insight: After researching the history of Cuba, its culture and traditions, we began analyzing consumer trends and charting our insights. From here, we landed on our Big Idea - Ignite Ambitions.

AAF Atlanta Addys : Bronze | Sales & Marketing Packaging | February 2016 | Adobe Design Achievement Awards : Semifinalist | Package Design | 2015


The design around the box mirrors the mindset of the target audience - someone who always keeps moving, never settling and never resting. The individual pieces represent several elements from U.S as well as Cuba. The bald eagle, for example, not only symbolizes America but is similar to the ones found in Cuba. The top of the box has design patterns mentioned earlier as well as the Exitos logo.

Cigar band

The first band is with the Cohiba logo and the second is a special edition band with Exitos. The color of the band stays true to the color palette. The deep brown symbolizes the earth and is used to remind the audience that the cigars are grown from the earth. 

Exitos Club website and app

Apart from adding a guest and choosing the alcohol, there are several other features that the Exitos app has. Called ‘The Exitos Club’, this app is available exclusively to those that received the invite. These VIP guests have a code that they can use to access the website as well as the app. 

Press kit

The branded press kit is a special box that contains the invite for the event as well as cards that tell the audience the story of Cuba and Exitos. Mimicking the look of a humidor, the box will contain a RSVP card.  Once the Exitos App is downloaded, the user can then hold his phone over the card to save the RSVP invite onto his calendar and gaining VIP access. They will then be able to add their plus one guest and choice of alcohol for the brand launch at the upcoming
Calle Ocho.

Street banners

For the event itself, sequential street banners will be placed around Miami and the locations where the event is taking place. These use augmented reality to reveal tidbits of information about Cuban culture, cigar making and the Exitos cigar. Users will have to have the app downloaded. Once that is done, all they have to do is hold their phone in front of a banner to gain access to information.


Process book



Samyu Murali | Prithu S Kumar | Gina Son | Prof. Judy Salzinger
Student Project : Savannah College of Art and Design