The challenge

Students are stressed. They have a million things on their mind and they have trouble doing it all. Sure, they make lists and schedules, but they find it hard to manage and prioritize it all. Furthermore, they are still coping with living away from home for the first time. 

The solution

M.O.M or Moving Out Motivator is an application that helps  make the transition of moving from home a lot easier. It helps you prioritize your tasks and helps you to stick to completing them. In short, it is a guide to being an adult.
 How does it work? <br> <br>
-  Syncs data from your social media accounts as well as the apps on your phone such as calendars and reminders. <br> <br>
- Prioritizes your tasks based on various factors such as timing and date due, importance, time it takes to complete the task etc. 


SCADDY award : Silver | App and Interface Design | 2016 | The Rookies : Final Drafts | User Experience Design | 2016 | Adobe Design Achievement Awards : Semifinalist | 2016

Consumer personas

User flowcharts

App screens